F&L is a shipper-led Forum with a different view of Europe

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What is the best course through the stormy waters of the supply chain?

A forum for international business leaders (Europe 47 and beyond)

and it starts and ends with shippers

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beating the complexity together

A sounding board for major institutions, but not a lobby group

Membership in 17 countries

Issues involving all aspects of the global supply chain

LinkedIn icon Debate with supply chain professionals / F&L 3 minute video / F&L Annual Report 2014

F&L 2-3 June, Vienna AgendaArrangementsVIDEO INVITATION

*DATE CHANGE* Next meeting confirmed 3-4 November on Lago Maggiore, italy

Results F&L Working Group: "Data Management in Logistics" and slides

F&L Barcelona details 26-27 November 2015