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F&L ANTWERP, (8) 9-10 November 2017 "Working Together to Overcome Barriers and Share Knowledge to Generate Growth in Trade"

  • Agenda
  • Optional newtorking day including Mazda visit, DP World terminal tour and informal dinner Wednesday 8 November
  • Workshop "how to make better deals" - see below.
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To be held just before F&L Antwerp conference - details will be confirmed with all participants in advance

During this workshop Philippe Billiet will convey useful insights and will demonstrate how negotiation and mediation tools can help to maximise your future deals. 

The first part of the workshop focuses on how to prepare for a negotiation, the structure of an interest-driven negotiation path, when and how to disclose information, when and how to anchor your offer, how to deal with escalation or deadlock and the tools and techniques that are often used by experienced negotiators and negotiation facilitators.

During the second part of the workshop participants will play a role game, first in the form of a direct negotiation and thereafter in a structured manner with the help of a negotiation facilitator.

Philippe Billiet is a Belgian lawyer and trainer in negotiation and mediation technics. He frequently assists parties in identifying the best solution (in a conflict scenario) or finding the best deal (in a non-conflict scenario), adding commercial value to the legal path.



F&L UK, 18-19 May 2017 "Navigating Your Supply Chain Through Cyberspace"
Shippers' Views of Supply Chain Visibility / Future Cities, E-Commerce and Urban Logistics / Learning from Freight Crime Across Europe / Business Opportunities of the Digital Age in New Political and International Trade Contexts 

Why Glasgow?

  • Against a backdrop of global urbanisation, understand how a future city can operate - Glasgow’s £24 million ‘Future City Demonstrator’
  • Glasgow is one of only 100 of the world’s resilient cities 
  • A city of incredible warmth, history and beauty with the friendliest people on earth (proven!)
  • Famous Scottish hospitality
  • Free world-class attractions, fine art community and stunning architecture
  • UNESCO City of Music with one of the world’s busiest concert venues
  • Snow sports, wake boarding, rock climbing, lochs, national parks, best shopping in UK outside London, distilleries and golf
  • "Foodie scene” with some of the best local produce in the world, including outstanding seafood, game and beef

About the City

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F&L ITALY, 24-25 November 2016 "Crossing the Alps: Connecting Europe, Opportunities North, South and East of Italy"

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F&L Vienna, 2-3 June 2016 "Change: Europe 2020 - Business As Usual?"

F&L Barcelona, 26-27 November 2015, "A Market of 450 Million People - Intermodality / Shipper Priorities / European Logistics in the 21st Century and the New Role of the Med?"

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F&L Nordics, 20-21 May 2015 "46 Hours to Debate Step Change in the Supply Chain"

F&L Duisburg 19-21 November 2014, "Hands-On No-Frills Logistics" 

F&L Prague 12-13th June 2014 "Technology, Best Practice East West and Rail / Road / Intermodal"

21 May 2014 - OECD's International Transport Forum Annual Summit of Ministers, F&L Presents ONLY Freight Side Session

20 - 22 November 2013, F&L Rotterdam Meeting

23-24 May 2013, F&L Istanbul Meeting

29th January, F&L Presents Neutral Industry Perspective Across All Transport Modes on the EU Transport Policy 2050 to Oracle's First OTM User Conference Europe

Watch the presentation live 

16th January 2013, F&L Meeting with UK Minister Stephen Hammond

Summary and conclusions

7-9th November 2012, F&L London Meeting

31st October 2012, F&L Think Tank Web Broadcast on the White Paper

28 companies across Europe joined the web broadcast.

13th September 2012, Facility Visit to Train Traffic Control, Paris

  • Click here for a one page summary of this event. 

19th June 2012, F&L Meets European Parliament

  • F&L meeting with MEPs and Brian Simpson, MEP and Chair of the Transport and Tourism Committee in the European Parliament  - please click here

10-11th May 2012, F&L Lucerne Meeting

10-11th November 2011, F&L Meeting with Freight Leaders Council Italy

6-7th May 2010, Vienna

19-20th November 2009, Brussels