F&L Winter Newsletter 2013. New President, our plans with ITF OECD and for our next meeting in June 2014, feedback on our breakfast with the European Parliament and our day with the European Commission. Details of our SABIC visit and new Rail Terminal Chemelot. More! December 2013
The summer F&L newsletter details our many activities to date this year with plenty of member photographs! Dates for diaries are given for the remainder of the year. June 2013
The F&L December 2012 winter newsletter shows photographs of new members, lays out some key dates and plans for 2013 and shares our new F&L videos! We were thrilled to have such a good year and look forward to seeing you all in Istanbul 22-24 May 2013. December 2012
This newsletter details the forthcoming London meeting as well as passing on news of key dates and activities along with outcomes of the Lucerne and European Parliament meetings. Student reports and letters from F&L students are included. June 2012
The F&L December 2011 Christmas Newsletter reports on the superb presentations given at the Bologna meeting in November with plenty of photographs! We were honoured to welcome OPEC to the event and a summary of that speech is also shown in the newsletter, along with details of the Swiss agenda. Please reserve 10th and 11th May 2012 in your diary now to join us in Switzerland! More details of that meeting coming soon. December 2011
The Autumn 2011 Newsletter contains news and photographs of the Berlin meeting and information about the forthcoming joint meeting in Bologna with the Freight Leaders Council of Italy. You will also find a profile of Italy along with an Open Letter from Secretary General Gavin W. Roser, Working Group updates and an interview with F&L Member Hannibal SpA-Melzo. October 2011
Brief Bulletin advising members of important developments of the Berlin meeting along with other key events in May/June 2011. May 2011
F&L Spring 2011 Newsletter which highlights the recent excellent Technical Visit to the Krone facility in Werlte. Members can also read about the outcomes of the General Meeting on 18 March, see updated Working Group news and read of an invitation from the Freight Leaders Council in Italy. We also introduce the F&L Masters of Modality and our new Cap Challenge! April 2011
Mr Martin Kvych (TOM Road) introduces this January newsletter with some words on latest developments in the market. You can also see the answers to three questions put to Mr Jörg Sanders (member for Krone) and find details of the F&L Facility Visit and Working Group Meetings at Krone on Thursday 24 February 2011. January 2011
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