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About F&L

The European Freight and Logistics Leaders Forum (F&L) is a shipper-driven international non profit association established in 1994 to bring together shippers and supply chain service companies together to debate and discuss current topics and best practice.

With member logistics leaders representing major shippers and service companies across currently 18 Council of Europe countries (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Turkey and the UK) F&L is set to grow further as participation at meetings grows.

Competition and Anti-Trust Laws

Every jurisdiction throughout Europe provides for the fundamental right to assemble. Members and participants at F&L behave at all times in compliance with competition and anti-trust laws and this obligation is stated in Articles 6 and 9 of the F&L Articles of Association (English).

F&L members debate all aspects of logistics and transport supply, based on the principle that “best practice can be shared at a high level”. Members take an important and active part in the use, development, harmonisation and modernisation of multimodal freight transport systems in Europe. This exchange of professional experience during the F&L meetings results in business optimization and consumer benefits and perfectly fits the goals of competition and anti-trust policies.

Press and journalists are not permitted at F&L events.

Objectives of F&L

F&L groups entities which use, manage, service or organise freight transport to:

  • Promote a closer integration of various methods of freight transport by any means
  • Maximise the exploitation and evolution of multimodal freight transport systems
  • Improve the quality of freight transport
  • Swap experiences while conforming at all times to EU competition rules

How Do We Do This?

  • Effective networking across industries and national boundaries
  • Building understanding between shippers and supply chain services about commercial imperatives and corporate drivers, avoiding at all costs any discussion or references to specific customers, rates or contracts
  • Discussing solutions and debating innovative measures to enable meaningful and sustainable collaboration in goods movement
  • Enabling freight solutions to operate in a European context without political borders
  • Always learning from others


F&L is not a lobby organisation; we are a forum that looks to the future and considers how the learning from one country or industry can find application in another. F&L does not at any time recommend specific courses of action to the European Commission or any other Institution, however institutions and the European Commission do use F&L as a sounding board for new initiatives or legislative priorities and the round table discussions at F&L meetings contribute heavily to that.

F&L Partners

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