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Application to Join F&L as a Corporate Member

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    Opportunities for Corporate Members

    F&L is an active, dynamic community that works very hard year-round to deliver value. Active members and their colleagues have opportunities to strengthen personal and business performance:

    1. Attend two F&L meetings each year (May/Nov) for interaction, debate and networking. Every meeting has a theme, roundtable debates, member and speaker presentations, Think Tank session, Working Groups update and a networking dinner. Conference agendas and locations are driven by what is interesting to members. (Spouses/ partners are welcome to join conferences at zero cost – a spousal programme is provided and they are invited to all dinners as well as Friday lunch).
    2. Become involved in Working Groups to look in depth at a topic of particular interest to you. Working Groups are cross-industry, cross-border and benefit from the experience of members who are usually Directors and Board Members of their companies.
    3. Provide feedback to ensure that the Forum delivers. You will achieve more if you give input into conference agendas / objectives / locations and get involved with the Forum’s activities throughout the year.
    Your contract with F&L
    1. The annual membership fee of €1,950 is invoiced and due every year in February. This fee has not increased for some years and F&L uses best endeavours to try to avoid increases. The cost of F&L meetings (one in May, one in November) is heavily subsidised by sponsors and F&L, but there is a per-person fee payable in advance of each meeting (€400) to help cover costs. F&L is non-profit and any surplus funds are used to then subsidise future conferences / organise events and visits for members.
    2. You must give F&L at least three months’ notice to resign as a member – 30 September is the latest date by which you may resign for the following year which begins 1 January.
    3. Logistics service provider and other companies not classified as “shippers” must be bring at least one shipper into membership within the first 12 months to ensure the focus of the F&L community remains broad.
    4. You should abide by the Articles of Association as they currently stand with particular reference to articles 6 and 8 – see F&L Articles of Association – English

    Benefits of Membership

    1. Build relationships with other industry leaders, learn how they are tackling issues and take away ideas you can try.
    2. Access two high level conferences (24 hours) each year and a host of webinars, working groups and other events in between.
    3. Frank discussions with other leaders – we don’t invite the press and we ensure you will never be quoted.
    4. Drive what we discuss, what’s on our agendas. This is a members’ forum, for members.
    5. Be part of it. Spouses/partners are always welcome and you will find us big enough to be interesting, yet small enough for develop relationships.