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Member discussion and learning from current covid-19 crisis management

The coronavirus issue continues to see shock reverberating through global supply chains.  F&L is actively discussing with its members what we have learned with a view to sharing best practice amongst the network.  Is there anything we can do to bullet-proof our supply chains from this kind of events?  How can we serve all of our stakeholders better during this time, making ourselves more ‘sustainable’ in the meantime?  

Business as usual, or “new normal” for the supply chain after Covid-19?

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  • How are current working-from-home arrangements working?
  • How are our businesses operating now and in the next weeks?
  • Do we have a forecast on the impact of this Corona crisis?
  • What are the financial repercussions for all stakeholders, including insurance companies?
  • Can we use this time to better serve all of our stakeholders, making ourselves more ‘sustainable’ in the meantime?  “A business needs a successful community, not only to create demand for its products but also to provide critical public assets and a supportive environment”.
  • Do we return to business-as-usual after this, or a new normal?

Our F&L network will come together for a range of confidential discussions aimed at helping members learn from each other and share best practices.