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Logistics start-ups and scale-ups
What's cooking? F&L supply chain management startup compass

Short “pitch decks” from entrepreneurs and young talent who are trying to help industry.

F&L does not have affiliations with these companies and they are not rehearsed conference presentations!  Listen, share your reaction, ask questions, find new ways of looking at our business which can open new opportunities.  

F&L is running regular short events: learn, be surprised, inspired and perhaps sometimes a little scared!  

We can’t succeed alone, so we need to co-operate with others while focusing on what we’re good at.  

Open innovation is key to business success, value and longevity

Event 7 October 2020

  • Aeler – tools for in-transit automation
  • GenLots – changing the way cost optimization is done for inbound material purchasing
  • Eqlosion
  • Archlet – turning data into decisions
  • Less Platform – logistics optimisation and management platform


Next event 12 & 13 November 09:30 – 10:30 CET

Companies to be confirmed


We know that incremental improvements are not enough while ‘digitalisation’ connects everything – also at the business level