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Study finds Rastatt incident to have caused losses of more than €2 billion

The rail infrastructure tunnel collapse in August-September 2017 near the German town of Rastatt in the Rhine Valley, which became...
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Rail Freight Group Conference

Attendees from across the freight industry will explore the support for freight growth in 2018 and beyond, the planned improvements...
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Automated Transport – Aurora Summit January 2018

F&L’s Miklós Horváth will speak at the Aurora Summit 15/17 January 2018 in Olos, FInland.  The Summit will tackle a highly important...
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UK Releases Code of Practice for Maritime Cyber Security

The United Kingdom’s Department for Transport has commission the release of a new code of practice for vessels with regard...
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F&L Ambassador-at-Large Gavin Roser to Speak at Iran Transportation & Logistics Forum 5-6 November 2017

Considering Iran’s special conditions after opening its doors to international business, it is vital to make major improvements in its...
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