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Talent: recruiting and retaining

Logistics and the supply chain industries must work hard to attract and then retain the talent it needs to drive change from within.  Industry 4.0, digitisation initiatives, the curriculum of schools and universities preparing our young people, and the perceived attractiveness of existing and new jobs within the sector are amongst our challenges.  What can we do?

9-10 May 2019 Managing Uncertainty in the Global Supply Chain

To keep pace with the constant change in our business environments, we need to balance our experienced workforce with an agile, digitally savvy young people who are keen to reinvent themselves and their workplaces.  Younger generations currently make up more than 50% of the global workforce (‘millennials’ 35%, generation Z 24%) and attracting and keeping talent is a burning issue for leaders.

  • How can “traditional” organizations / leaders embrace these changes and disrupt, using the next generation as a catalyst ?
  • Why are some companies filled with young people who love their jobs yet others find that young people keep leaving – what are the organisations doing differently?
  • Young leaders believe there is a gap between the university curriculum and working life: what is it?  How can universities better prepare their graduates for supply chain jobs?
  • F&L Hamburg 2019