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Upcoming Events

2018 / 2019

WEBINAR How can we safeguard supply chains and ensure security of supply for customers?

19 February 2019: 15:15 - 16:15 CET

With a practical focus, we are delighted to welcome logistics specialist Professor Alan McKinnon, Climatologist and Climate System Modeller Professor Christoph Matulla, and Head of Mobility and Logistics at BDI (Federation of German industry) Jürgen Hasler as our speakers.  What can meteorology can tell us about the nature and extent of climate change in simple and clear terms?  How vulnerable will our supply chains be to climate change?  How can we protect our logistics assets and infrastructure across all modes?  Can we develop holistic climate resilience strategies for freight transport?


Working group - how can we ensure our people flourish despite the challenges of the digital age?

Cargill, BASF, Jabil, SKF and K+N are working with Kuehne and Plymouth Universities, Closer and the European Commission to identify the key areas where we can make a practical difference. The group is led by Bart Jongen, Air France / KLM Engineering & Maintenance and will be conducting pilots to ascertain what actions make a difference. Discussions began with F&L members on this vitally important topic in Gothenburg 24/25 May and will be ongoing.

Data Platforms

Hosted by market leaders and industry customers

An open discussion on changing business processes and opportunities, this webinar will explore issues including trust, the goal of data platforms and the effects on the market.  Further detail to come!

Webinar - understanding rail better

Hosted by European rail industry experts

Participants will gain a clearer understanding of how the rail industry operates, status of key issues including capacity and planning post-Rastatt, and learn how the industry plans to work better with other supply chain actors.