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Webinar - Practical measures to address Brexit's impact on the supply chain

Friday 23 March, 10:00 - 11:00 CET


  • Jürgen Hasler, Head of Department Mobility and Logistics, BDI (Germany’s largest industry group)
  • Anthony Pétillon, Head of Marketing, Port of Calais.
  • UK Department for Exiting EU – speaker tbc

What practical measures is German industry taking to address Brexit?  How does France expect freight in/out of the UK be affected?  Where does the UK stand on how industry should prepare?  Speakers will share key messages for industry and those working in air, sea, rail and road.  Time for Q&A is planned.

Webinar - understanding rail better

Hosted by European rail industry experts

Participants will gain a clearer understanding of how the rail industry operates, status of key issues including capacity and planning post-Rastatt, and learn how the industry plans to work better with other supply chain actors.

Webinar - Impacts on European traffic Infrastructure from frequent extreme weather

Hosted by ZAMG Institution Meteorology and Geodynamics

Following an update on what is happening and what is likely to happen, participants ask questions and develop understanding to help planning for the future.

Webinar - what can we do about secure parking?

Hosted by industry speakers and crime prevention agencies

Participants will hear the current status of secure parking in Europe and discuss issues. Interested members will be able to discuss data and how we can improve access to better quality and more meaningful data to help prevent crime.

Working group - how can we ensure our people flourish despite the challenges of the digital age?

Cargill, Nokia, Jabil and K+N are working with Kuehne and Plymouth Universities and the European Commission to identify the key areas where we can make a practical difference. The group is led by Bart Jongen, KLM Air France Engineering and expects to shortly share its scope. Discussions will begin with F&L members on this vitally important topic in Gothenburg 24/25 May.

Data Platforms

Hosted by market leaders and industry customers

An open discussion on changing business processes and opportunities, this webinar will explore issues including trust, the goal of data platforms and the effects on the market.  Further detail to come!