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F&L Ambassador-at-Large Gavin Roser to Speak at Iran Transportation & Logistics Forum 5-6 November 2017

Considering Iran’s special conditions after opening its doors to international business, it is vital to make major improvements in its business atmosphere and strategy. Re-flourishing of the national economy at various fields depends on development of the transportation sector at national level and this stipulates a pivotal role for the sector to achieve the main goals in Iran’s 2025 vision plan. After strengthening Iran’s platform in the international arena, the Iran Transportation & Logistics Forum will be held by Transportation & Logistics Federation of Iran and IICIC, with the main aim of introducing transportation projects and attracting national and international investments. Iran has been the cradle and crossroad of important cultures and civilizations as of ancient ages and since then transportation were quite important in this country.

Discounted rates for F&L members of 30% for participants and 20% for exhibitors.

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