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Nothing beats hearing what business leaders are thinking, saying and doing: sharing knowledge and exchanging information is how we see around the corner in these times of pressure and change.  Established in 1994 as an independent not-for-profit organisation which does not lobby, F&L is an international network of business leaders focused on freight logistics across the supply chain and operating in all sectors and transport modes, based across Europe and globally.  We welcome different skills, experience and views across all industry sectors, transport modes, carriers, technology businesses, service providers, ports, academics, policy makers and NGOs.  FAQs and get in touch.  

21-22 Nov, 2023
Changing trade flows – impacts & opportunity
Agenda & arrangements

Freight logistics in transition

Fuels, infrastructure & options for change

19 Sept 2023, Amsterdam

Where & when?

Rail & intermodal - satisfying demand for modal shift

6 Sept 2023

Is any solution black & white?

Leaders' round-table, 25 Apr 2023

How does F&L deliver value?

Who is part of F&L & why?

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Global personalities & short clips

One Day in London

Leaders' round-table, 16 Nov 2022

Value chain-based pathways towards zero emission shipping

F&L Network

21-22 November 2023 - Changing Trade Flows (Trieste)