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F&L is quality information about what is happening outside your own business and what’s coming from a senior business leader peer network.  Established in 1994 as an independent not-for-profit, F&L is an international community of shippers and brand owners, logistics services all modes, technology, academia and policymakers, inbound and outbound, all channels, operating in all industry sectors & transport modes and based across Europe and globally.  Why does this matter?  And how does F&L deliver value?  Participating is about mutually beneficial conversations and value-added dialogue with peers, academics and others with knowledge of the sector.  FAQs and absolutely welcome to get in touch

17 April 2024

The future of operations, commerce & freight logistics: the why, how & what next with peers & partners 

Agenda, brands & speakers

Freight logistics in transition

Fuels, infrastructure & options for change

Sept 2023, Amsterdam

How does F&L deliver value?

What, where & when?

Is any solution black & white?

Leaders' round-table, Apr 2023

Geopolitics & trade routes (part 2)

Jan 2024

Who is part of F&L & why?

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Global personalities & short clips

One Day in London

Leaders' round-table, Nov 2022

Cargo owners' perspective

Maritime decarbonisation (2023)

F&L Network

21-22 November 2023 - Changing Trade Flows (Trieste)