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European Leaders' Forum

Watch F&L in action (3 mins – May 2018).  At F&L, senior business leaders working across all areas of the supply chain come together for frank exchange on current issues and new ideas.  They question science, academia, thought-leaders and industry stakeholders on issues that concern them.  And they find F&L an easy and efficient way to connect with leaders across other industries and 47 countries in Europe.  Who else is here?  See photos of the Hamburg meeting (May 2019).  The F&L forum is run as a non-lobby and not-for-profit.  Next meeting 14-15 November in Napoli!    

How will climate change affect YOUR transport assets and infrastructure?

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F&L Hamburg 9-10 May 2019

Presentations in members' area

Climate change - how can we safeguard our supply chains to ensure security of supply?

Details and presentations

Can we help the supply chain workforce to flourish in the digital age?

Questionnaire active

"Chasing Change" - Madrid, 15-16 Nov 2018

Presentations in members' area

Hard Brexit or Cliff Edge?

Watch interviews with global personalities

Recent: Wolfgang Lehmacher, WEF

Thought Leadership

View of the Future of Transport

"New Normal" - Gothenburg, 24-25 May 2018

Presentations in members' area

F&L Hamburg 9-10 May 2019