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F&L has never been busier or more relevant: sharing knowledge and exchanging information is how we see what is around the corner in these times of intense pressure & change.  Here is a network of business leaders focused on freight logistics across the supply chain and operating in all sectors and transport modes, based across Europe and globally.  Our network encourages different skills, experience and views and welcomes different industry sectors, transport modes, carriers, technology businesses, service providers, ports, academics, policy makers and NGOs.  Get in touch to find out more.  Established in 1994, F&L is independent, not-for-profit and non-lobby working to spread best practice and mutually beneficial collaboration to optimise efficiency, sustainability, and economic viability. 

One Day in London
200 business leaders’ round-table:
central London event,

Agenda & participants Nov 2022

How does F&L deliver value?

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including European Logistics Innovation Day 2022

F&L Geneva @ United Nations

Nov 2021

Value chain-based pathways towards zero emission shipping

F&L Lux - "Shifting Horizons"

12-13 May 2022

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Interview with Caribbean Export Development Agency

March 2022

An active European business network with a global outlook

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F&L London 16 Nov 2022