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European Leaders' Forum

F&L is a unique independent Forum in Europe which creates trusted space for senior business leaders working across all areas of the supply chain to come together for open dialogue and exchange on current issues and new ideas.  Members question thought-leaders, policymakers, academia, peers and industry stakeholders on issues that concern them.  And they find F&L an easy and enjoyable way to connect with leaders across other industries and 47 countries in Europe.  We welcome cargo owners and brands, manufacturers, retailers and suppliers, all modes of logistics, ports, insurance, finance, academics, NGOs, policymakers and experts to the discussion.

12-13 Nov, join F&L’s online conference – agenda

Measuring industry's temperature

KLU partners with F&L to benchmark industry

Forward and backward

The year and what's next - July 2020

Will logistics be defined by value, not cost?

11 mins - Philip Evans (Sept 2020)

An active European business network with a global outlook

Who can you meet here?

Who is part of F&L and why?

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F&L Geneva 12-13 November 2020