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From AI to B2B to B2B2C to D2C to customer-centric…

The future of operations, commerce & freight logistics: where do you fit in if (when) others turn the sector upside down?
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Why attend?

No hype.  We focus on the structural elements of change impacting every business, creating new intense pressures on and changing KPIs for all supply chains.  The question is not if change will happen, but how to prepare yourself and your business as best you can.  Please remember that F&L is independent, neutral and is not seeking commercial gain.  

F&L has asked recognised supply chain leaders and academics to build our understanding and awareness of structural change transforming supply chain / logistics, and to re-frame continuous discussions on data & digitalisation across the sector.

Why now?  Because structural change has arrived.  Leaders are looking for faster continuous improvement using technology and operational excellence as two sides of the same coin.  F&L members understand how major players across different industry sectors are evolving their businesses, and are encouraged to talk to them.  Live case studies of where industry is “at” are included (see agenda tab).  

  • Led by: Recognised supply chain leaders from P&G, Electrolux, EY, Unilever & Barry Callebaut with academic support.
  • Date: 17 April 09:00 – 17:00.  Networking dinner from 19:00 on 16 April (late arrivals also welcome).
  • Location: 27 minutes from Venice Mestre train station, 12 mins from Venice Marco Polo airport at H-Farm (an ecosystem created by Audi, Cisco & Intesa Sanpaolo in 2005 to make an impact). 
  • Why?  Any plan is only as good as those impacting the ecosystems around it.  F&L provides information that you can trust & enables senior peer discussion in a community of suppliers, customers and competitors in a unique format.  
  • Cost: €400 pp to help cover costs (use register tab).

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Delivery of the Future

A working session to develop leaders’ understanding and awareness of structural change transforming supply chain & logistics. We seek to re-frame discussions on data & digitalisation to drive operational excellence, digitalisation and transformation across the sector.

Led by recognised supply chain leaders from P&G, Electrolux, EY, Unilever & Barry Callebaut with academics as well as current students.

Wednesday, 17 April 2024

09:00 – 09:30, welcoming participants 

Recent F&L dialogue has focused on geopolitical impacts, energy transition and the changing regulatory environment.  On top of these multiplying priorities, we must understand how the market for every business is being changed by customer expectations, the journey to meet them, and how our peers, customers, suppliers and ecosystems are changing around us.  

09:30 From AI to B2B to B2B2C to D2C to Customer-Centric….. the World has CHANGED

  • When the “impossible” becomes the “necessity”
  • Why waste time talking about the future?   Structural change is coming faster than you think!

Supply chain leadership today

  • Mindset / boundaries / rules of the game change fast / innovation & cost trap & creating non-conflicting KPIs 

Two sides of the same coin: digital transformation & operational excellence 

  • Pushing our operating model to the limits: enhancing efficiency and customer value while maintaining operational agility

If we face dramatic change, what do future leaders expect & why might they join your company?

  • Trade-offs & future leaders’ expectations 
  • Looking inside: table discussions on future visions given required transformation
    • Key messages from each table to take away

Coming out on top: how does a winning business look?

  • Looking outside: ations to build a futureproof ability to innovate & execute
  • Illustration through live case studies:
    • Complete interoperability and a single source of truth for all supply chain data, benefiting all parties involved 
    • AI forecasting: Swiss retailer transforming warehouse labour planning  
    • Paperless supply chain including eCMR & eBL 
    • Demo: create your own premium ChatGPT model, train it with additional information and ask it questions

Key actions & initiatives

  • To accelerate change, and attract key development partners

17:15 close

  • Optional campus tour 09:00 – 09:20 / 17:30 – 18:00

On 17 April, F&L has arranged to be hosted by H-FARM: an ecosystem created by Audi, Cisco & Intesa Sanpaolo to make an impact. Start-ups (including Depop, one of the first European start-up unicorns), a hub for digital transformation, open innovation and education are here (see more).  


  • 27 minutes from Venice Mestre train station, 12 mins from Venice Marco Polo airport.
  • On 17 April 09:00 – 17:00 / 17:30, in-person at H-Farm Business School.  Address:  H-Farm campus, Via Adriano Olivetti, 1, 31056 Roncade TV, Italy.  An F&L bus will go from the sleeping hotels on morning of 17th.  
  • Parking: plenty.


  • Tue 16 April – evening networking dinner from 19:00 (all welcome) beside F&L sleeping hotels at  Ristorante Madly, Via Roma, 70, 30020 Quarto d’Altino VE.
  • Wed 17 April – meeting full day 09:30 – 17:30.  No dinner planned although those participants remaining will arrange dinner informally.  

Sleeping hotels

  • Good rates at two hotels beside each other and beside dinner location 16th.  


  • €400 pp includes conference, inter-conference transfers & dinner 16th.


Participants 17 April

Discussion led by recognised supply chain leaders from P&G, Electrolux, EY, Unilever & Barry Callebaut with academics as well as current students.

Arcese Trasporti
Barry Callebaut
Berger Logistik
Blume Global
CFL Multimodal
DCSA (Digital Container Shipping Association)
duisport Terminals
Duisport-Duisburger Hafen
ECS European Container
EY Advisory Netherlands
Francesco Parisi Group
Groningen University / Supply Chain Finance Community
Gruppo Pittini
H-Farm Business School
Julius & Clark
LKW Walter
Logivity, Volvo Group
Lugo Terminal
O-I Europe
ÖBB Rail Cargo Group
Port of Barcelona
Port of Calais
Russell Group
Stora Enso
Tim Intralog
Toyota Tsusho Europe
Vlantana Logistics
VOS Logistics
Zunarelli – Studio Legale Associato

F&L is independent, not-for-profit and international.  We engage business leaders and decision-makers in global manufacturing, logistics (road, rail, sea, waterways, air), academia, policymakers and science.  

Participant list for Trieste (Nov 2023)

4FOLD containers
Adria Port
ALIS (Italy’s sustainable intermodal logistics association)
Alpe Adria
Autamarocchi Group
Baltic Hub
Baltic Rail
BAT British American Tobacco
Berger Logistik
Billiet & Co
Blume Global
CFL Multimodal SA
Codognotto Italia Spa
Cosco Italy
Duisport-Duisburger Hafen AG
ECS European Container
EIB European Investment Bank
Electrolux Italia
Francesco Parisi Group
GATX Rail France
GBT Rail
Greenlog Intermodal Logistics
Gruppo Pittini
Guangzhou Port (Europe)
HaCon Ingenieurgesellschaft
HHLA TK Estonia
Hupac Intermodal
INEOS Styrolution Europe
Interporto Trieste
IPCSA Port System Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea
Julius & Clark
KBX Logistics
Kühne + Nagel
LKW Walter
MIB School of Management
Mitsubishi Electric Europe
Move Intermodal
North Sea Port
O-I Europe
ÖBB Rail Cargo Group
Plymouth University
Port Authority Eastern Med Sea (Trieste & Monfalcone)
Port of Barcelona
Port of Calais
Port of Trieste
Quehenberger Logistics
Rail Development
Rail Force 1
Rhenus Group
Ro.Ro. Tranship
Russell Group
Samer & Co Shipping
Samskip Multimodal BV
Smart Join Logistik
SSI Schäfer
Stora Enso
TMT Container Terminal, Trieste
Trieste Port
Vega International
VOS Logistics
VTG Rail Europe
Zunarelli – Studio Legale Associato

Participation list April 2023 Hague

Participation list Nov 2022 London

Participation list May 2022 Luxembourg

Participation list November 2021 Geneva

A significant shift in AI is already taking place today, moving from weak statistical models with limited capabilities to strong deep neural networks which can interact with humans and generate their own answers in a wide range of applications.  Regardless how advanced our digital strategy and transition, it is imperative to understand what is happening because every strategy we have – from operational excellence to innovation to sustainability – is impacted.  

With peer discussion throughout, this is one day for senior supply chain & their logistics teams.  Led by academics and industry leaders who are ahead of the game to help you focus on what is real, what matters, insights & case studies. 

What digitalisation & supply chain excellence steps are others taking?  How can human skills, digital technologies, processes, mindset & competences pillars be leveraged by manufacturing & logistics organisations for operational excellence?  Stay with siloed structures or share resources (and benefits) with different partners to build integrated value networks?  Time to learn is greater than shelf life of technology & leaders are moving from know-it-all to learn-it-all.  How to stay on top if you can’t see the competitor coming so fast? How to compete with organisations coming from a totally different background and culture? How to attract and retain young & other talents?  Who will make the margins when others own/use the data?

Who is this meeting for?  A broad network of senior management responsible for supply chain and logistics for shippers and brand owners, retail, supply, LPSs (all modes), ports, technology companies – all those who are actively working in, or with, the international supply chain and logistics.  F&L helps business leaders move their own strategies forward through collaborative  discussion with practitioners, sector experts and industry leaders across the supply chain.

Why should I attend?  Innovation never comes from one mind; it is a process. Discussing strategy in an open, professional and social atmosphere so that we can listen and learn from each other is a strong fundament for further growth.  Speakers, dialogue, debate and a chance to engage with peers and experts on topics which are helpful to “building your better 2024-25”.  Together we can progress faster than we can alone and the F&L network represents significant players across Europe.

What can I expect?  Industry practitioners and experts sharing meaningful case studies, learning from their own journeys, meaningful case studies, peers and experts asking – and answering – questions.   You will leave knowing more than when you arrived, and with new peer contacts who may be helpful in your own strategies.

Is there anyone who may not attend?  Journalists and press are not permitted because discussions are open throughout the meeting.  F&L is a welcoming community, interested in enabling senior management and their teams to improve their understanding of what others in the market are doing and collaboration opportunities.  F&L is independent and all discussions are confidential using the Chatham House Rule which means that companies and individuals cannot be quoted.