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10 Feb 2022 (11:00 - 11:55 CET)

Sustainable transformation: the 2022 agenda

Do you understand the challenge? Sustainability in freight logistics – why, what & how? Experts and market leaders share practical examples and insight. We summarise urgent European policy agenda & discuss five critical priorities for your 2022 agenda.

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Previous discussions (2021)

27 July 2021

EU Fit for 55; what does the EU’s new legislative package in pursuit of climate goals mean for freight and logistics?

Panel discussion.  Key points for the freight sector; what should you be aware of, what could still change, time horizons, have any recent developments changed the decarbonisation debate  Scoping – should we be focusing on policy initiatives which directly impact on freight and logistics (some of which were highlighted in December’s ‘Smart and Sustainable Mobility’ document), or also taking account of the logistical implications of other major policy interventions e.g. on the proposed carbon border adjustment mechanism?