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22 Jan 2024
19 Sept 2023
22 March 2023

Geopolitics & trade routes (part 2)

Logistics & supply chain resilience in the face of continued challenge 

In times of sudden and frequent change, how can industry depend on multi-route, multi-modal strategies for resilience?  Speakers: an overview from Péter Balázs, TEN-T Corridor Coordinator followed by market commentary on current conditions from industry players including AB InBev, DHL, Maersk & Cargill.  

  • Date: Monday 22 January 2024, 11:00 – 11:45 CET 
  • Format: online 
  • Who: everyone 
  • Why: pain points, increased understanding, new knowledge & insight.  How can we plan better?
  • Cost: online discussions among the F&L network are not charged

This discussion followed 22 Nov 2023, “Still Waters Run Deep” – the freight logistics sector faces multiple pressures including cost, resilience and sustainability. But the perception of business as usual on the surface is hiding dramatic activity below. We looked at what changes are coming with geopolitical tensions, what may shifting trading patterns mean, and how can we balance our risks and opportunities? 

F&L innovation pathways – find the tools and change the culture

Innovation leaders, to us, are defined as people who actively look for new ideas and concepts from inside as well as outside their business to enable them to build on opportunities and make a difference to their business performance.  Doing what we did yesterday is not enough, and how we each go forward is different for everyone.  

Why?  We live in a much more uncertain and fast-changing world than in recent decades and managers/leaders must develop a more flexible response to frequent and continued dramatic change to be resilient.

What?  F&L encompasses a wide variety of stakeholders and our discussions are based on the premise that a variety of inputs and an open mind helps promote positive change.  We are organising discussions and visits to understand what tools are available to accelerate change in the freight logistics sector.  Can mindset for change be embedded in the culture of our businesses?  A collaborative venture led by the network, for the network.

  • A series of all-encompassing debates to engage and understand which tools could bring change and how
  • Entrepreneur interaction to drive, inspire & see what we did not see before
  • New ideas, new concepts, new thinking.  People, – training – sustainable multimodal integrated logistics ecosystems – future proofing my business – technology & digitalisation – focusing on business outcomes and making a positive impact on my business
  • Visits to interact, see and feel the options for change
  • Actions for change – building a sustainable sector for the future

Visits are typically half-day events and cover the restructuring of freight hubs, circular economy, energy/decarbonisation, training & skills, plus digitalisation, data, analytics, human resources, automation and robotics, cyber security and more.  

Why are these visits taking place?  To collaborate on projects that could help your and others’ businesses perform better because today’s challenges are bigger as well as too complex for any single company or solution.  To examine opportunities and things that you haven’t seen before.  To discuss what they mean, ask questions & learn from your peers in this network. To see use cases in practise. To enable your colleagues to also benefit from F&L.  Welcome to get in touch.

F&L helps senior business leaders understand what their customers and competitors think, demonstrates what lies over the horizon, asks (the right) questions of stakeholders across the sector to determine real priorities & supports everyone to operate at their most effective so that they can lead your businesses to the best possible outcome.  (PS it’s not a financial decision).

Freight logistics in transition

Fuels, infrastructure & options for change


Global transport contributes 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions, forecast 33% by 2050.  This implies the sector – and its current commercial leaders – have a responsibility to tackle decarbonisation with a greater sense of urgency.  But how do we secure competitive advantage?

  • Date: 19 Sept, 12:00 – 16:30 CET plus networking 
  • Who: practitioners, commercial & ESG teams
  • Why: tough 2025/2030 commitments, but the window is closing.  What actions?
  • Where:  Energy Transition Campus (Shell), Grasweg 31, 1031 HW Amsterdam, 30 mins from Schiphol
  • Cost: 200 EUR pp + Dutch vat (get in touch)

Agenda 19 Sept

Pace of change in the freight logistics sector is building as the 2025/30 window looms larger in the headlights. F&L leadership teams help participants consolidate knowledge, understand options for change (sector & company-specific), and consider independent actions / collaborative pathways towards scaling as an industry to make ‘sustainability’ economically viable. Success will require industry-wide participation and collaboration. Shell’s senior leadership team act as our hosts for this F&L meeting.  

  • 11:30, arrivals welcomed
  • 12pm, networking lunch
  • 12:30pm Session 1: preparing for workshops
    • Independent emissions overview CE Delft & an economic case for change? 
    • Shell’s chief energy advisor discusses global energy markets
    • Today’s collaborative actions, constructive / destructive market behaviours, triggers for sector  change  DP World, DSV, FourKites
  • Session 2: parallel workshops 
    • Road, moderated by Innovation Gateway, Amsterdam Uni Applied Sciences, Cargill & Shell
      • Practical strategies, Albert Heijn retail, Shell, DSV, Vega International, Scania
      • Tables of 6: energy, infrastructure & OEMs Volvo & others 
      • Tables of 6: market behaviours & transition triggers Cargill & others
      • Roving experts: World Economic Forum, European Copper Institute, FourKites
    • Ecosystems: multimodal air-rail-sea-waterways, moderated by CFL Multimodal, DP World & Prow Capital
      • Practical strategies, Bertschi, Port of Hamburg, SAP
      • Tables of 6: what makes today’s cargo handling point a winning future logistics hub?  Port Antwerp, Thames Estuary Growth Board & others
      • Tables of 6: winners’ asset requirements & hub enablers, Aengevelt, Verizon & others
      • Roving experts: Shell, Ernst & Young, Smart Freight Centre
  • Session 3: competitive advantage?  Ineos, DSV, Cargill,, Shell
  • 16:30, close & networking drinks [dinner]


Moderated by Prof Ploos van Amstel Amsterdam University Applied Sciences & F&L.  We are hosted by Shell’s senior leadership team.  This is an in-person meeting.

Agenda, Wed 22 March 2023 (afternoon session)
central London, Holborn

Commercial business models and stakeholder expectations are changing to reflect an increasingly complex global trade environment.  This session took place in a brand new technology hub not open to the public, to see new tools already in use by logistics & supply chain leaders and to discuss impact and how-to with peers.  

  • 13:00 – lunch

  • Interactive B2B demos: powerful tools help you understand how leading industries and brands are currently improving their business performance as well as environmental impact.   “Innovation” & “technology” are re-modelling value chains but what concrete changes are leaders actually making?  How are they justifying ROI, especially in this climate?  What’s coming?  A focus on how others are unlocking value, improving efficiency and scaling ‘better’ performance.  

  • Workshops: making your company more successful
    • How will ecosystems around “sustainable logistics hubs” operate in 2025, which business models will serve them and how does my business achieve “sustainable success” (growth within the new logistics ecosystems)?  Multimodal interaction between stakeholders, energy infrastructure and new channels – what should we be planning for & what’s the pathway? 
    • Training, re-skilling and the workforce of our near future.  What do young people want?  How can my business be best in class?  
  • Moderated discussion: How (on earth) can we prepare for the sea of change coming, including when all of our assets are talking to each other?   Will our customers play their part?  Enablers.  Collaborating with partners for mutual value creation.  Help & advice for today and tomorrow.  

  • 16:30 – close (& pub)