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Insight from experts & practitioners: people first, cargo second?

Experts & leaders provide confidential insight, business reactions and welcome Q&A 

Logistics: people first, cargo second?  2020 has changed how we operate; what does that mean for your team, and what factors influence their ability to deliver “top tier” results as logistics and supply chain transformation projects gather momentum?  How we can make our businesses and the entire logistics sector more ‘sustainable’ for the future – not just in terms of the environment, but our value-add proposition for stakeholders?

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Tue 2 March, 10:30 - 12:00 CET

Pragmatic discussion on first key issues agreed 2 Feb:  

  • Time, ROI, trade-offs
  • Prioritisation
  • Teamwork and remote working
  • Company culture, engagement and ethos
  • “Agile natives”

C0-moderated by Olam International.  Full details & slides in members’ area.

Please get in touch for a joining link.

Dates for further discussions to be confirmed


  • Finding, recruiting, supporting and retaining the best teams in a changing world
  • Crossing inter-company silos
  • People in our culture, new business groups & SC transformation
  • Leveraging internal & external capabilities
  • Diversity as a tool (age, gender, education, skills – all elements &  more)
  • What’s the role of blindspots, unconscious bias, perceptions, and confirmation bias?
  • Mental health
  • University curricula preparing our future leaders
  • Perceived attractiveness of existing and new jobs within the sector

F&L will soon launch a two-way mentoring scheme between young and experienced leaders reaching across generations, industries and transport modes.  This is an exciting step and will result in stronger and more resilient organisations.  We can each tackle volatility, uncertainty and disruption better if we look at how we as leaders can collaborate better together.  Details will shortly be confirmed here.

Previous discussions

2 Feb 2021

Insight from experts on recruiting, nurturing and building the best teams.  2020 has changed how we operate; what does that mean for your team, and what factors influence their ability to deliver “top tier” results?  Changing expectations from candidates in the market, and is there anything we can learn from “agile natives”?

Contacts & slides in members’ area

11 June 2020

“How workforce changes match demand changes we see in the market”.  45 minute discussion with Q&A.

  • Director LKW WALTER (slides in members’ area)
  • Director CHEP
  • PhD KUEHNE LOGISTICS UNIVERSITY (slides in members’ area)

F&L Napoli, Nov 2019

The future supply chain. A quarter of the world’s population are ‘millennials’ (born 1981-1996). The dominant generation of the post-financial crisis era, this generation is forecast to make up 35% of the global workforce by 2020. What can we learn?  

  • Agenda – interactive panel debate

F&L Hamburg, May 2019

Almost every industry faces change. And the breadth and depth of these changes brings transformation of entire systems of production, management, and governance as well as fundamentally altering the way we live, work, and relate to one another.  

  • Agenda – Keynote: “Why millennials keep dumping you: an open letter to Management”