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Building Forward Better

Helping you cut emissions & achieve commercial benefit

Transportation accounts for 17% of global greenhouse gases (GHG) and 20% of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.   

You find here expertise, innovation, best practice, reports and an active community which enjoys confidential discussions to exchange perspectives and ask questions of experts, practitioners and thought-leaders.  Logistics leaders are using these resources to future-proof their businesses and deliver value to all their stakeholders long term.  All welcome, ask for info.

Throughout 2022

Playbook for maritime decarbonistion

Value chain-based pathways towards zero emission shipping

How can we speed up the transition to a more sustainable and more profitable maritime ecosystem?  And how can we accelerate the decarbonisation of shipping? Representatives from 13 companies, five international organisations and one academic institution share their views. 

Download executive summary & full report

Or, read 4 steps for climate action in short articles:

  • 1 – Three transition scenarios, link
  • 2 – Three value chains, link
  • 3 – Enablers, link
  • 4 – Partnering, link
  • Summary of above, link
Feb 2022

COP26 - 5Zs that changed the world

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Part 2  – what efforts are required to bring such initiatives to life for the transport & logistics sector?

Page 32 – 34

Part 1 – This article focuses on the most relevant initiatives, the five zero (5Zs) emission initiatives contributing to decarbonizing logistics and transport to place these initiatives into the industry context and reflect on them in light of the ongoing industry discussions and developments.  We also indicate what each action may mean for the sector.

Sept 2021

The net positive supply chain

Frontrunners share insight 

We heard from companies leading the net positive and regenerative supply chain revolution & discuss what we have learned this year, and where we intend to go next. How can we trigger development of the right initiatives and end-to-end thinking?

May 2021

Collaboration – a prerequisite for low carbon logistics?

Read article here – page 18-19

  • P&G’s Supply Chain VP in Europe told us that ‘If we do not step-change on collaboration and partnerships between different actors, carriers, suppliers, customers and retailers, we are not going to meet the sustainability goals.’
  • A similar view was expressed by the SVP for Sustainability and Logistics in Stora Enso, the global provider of renewal packaging: ‘When we go for greener solutions, our whole value chain needs to be there with us.’
  • Read article (page 18-19)
19 May 2021

Europe meets Asia - what are our views?

CILT (Apr 2021)

Decarbonising European logistics: a progress report

Read article (Apr 2021)Prof Alan McKinnon, Philip Evans and Prof Moritz Petersen look at how the case for building back greener is impacting on logistical activities, which collectively account for 10-11% of global CO2 emissions (page 39)

LogiSym (Feb 2021)

Three most cost effective ways of cutting carbon emissions

Download article (Feb 2021)Prof Alan McKinnon balances economic and environmental objectives in logistics, and recommends concrete steps for logistics leaders to take now.  

1. Majority of sustainable logistics projects yield economic benefits / 2. Time to act is now – why? / 3. Distinguishing the leaders / 4. Three most cost effective ways to cut carbon / 5. Still low hanging fruit to be harvested / 6. Potential game changers

F&L & Kuehne Logistics University (Jan 2021)

Measuring industry's temperature

Download report (Jan 2021) – Insight from more than 90 senior logistics leaders across a broad spectrum of European business into their own companies’ sustainability efforts and their professional views.  

1. Strategy development / 2. Target setting / 3. External pressures / 4. Emission measurement / 5. Decarbonisation initiatives / 6. Digitalisation / 7. Supply chain collaboration / 8. Skills requirements / 9. European Green Deal / 10. Impact of Covid-19

November 2020

Conference - Build forward better (profit, people, planet)

F&L’s November conference (2020) shared where industry is at in the journey towards profitability / longevity of organisations and the risk /resilience of the supply chain in that mix.  28 minute update from Prof Alan McKinnon, Wolfgang Lehmacher, Willem Bulthuis and Covestro:

Sept 2020

Dialogue & open exchange

F&L engages with the EU, the World Economic Forum, the World Trade Organisation, the World Meteorological Organisation, the United Nations trade development team, the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation and a host of others. The goal is not to lobby, but to help build understanding of the very real challenges that supply chain leaders face today so that we can move forward together in the same direction.

Business leaders face moving targets: the challenge of sustaining our organisations into the future, delivering value for all stakeholders, is vast and the scale, scope and complexity of transformation is considerable.  By sharing ideas, information, learning and even resources we can achieve things together that we could never do alone.