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Senior business leaders ask

What is F&L?

F&L is an international network of senior business leaders focused on freight logistics across the supply chain and operating in all sectors and transport modes, based across Europe and globally.

The purpose of F&L is to creates a safe space for leaders to come together for confidential discussion with a broad spectrum of leaders across other industries, sectors and geographies to network, learn, ask questions, inform themselves about the market and issues that concern them, and to exchange experiences – what’s going well, not so well and how can we prepare for what’s coming next?

It is no longer enough to be a frontrunner.  We must understand the holistic end-to-end supply chain and collaborate to make sure that our business is able to continue to add value within our own ecosystems.

Who is here?

Senior business leaders looking after logistics and supply chain for shippers, brand owners, carriers, LSPs (all modes), ports, terminals, technology companies and platforms, retailers and suppliers, for multiple industry sectors and across all transport modes.  Different countries all over the European continent.  Academics and experts, thought-leaders and policymakers, NGOs, financiers, lawyers and insurance. Innovators, LogTech start-ups and scale-ups.

They are typically based in Europe and most have global roles, remits and interests.

What benefits do I gain from this diverse network?

Access to the network.  By listening and talking across, up and down the end-to-end supply chain we can each improve our own results. The lines between our businesses are blurring and we must adapt and think forward to ensure we remain relevant within our own networks and value chains.

F&L is a chance for you to ask and listen to questions, exchange ideas, pick up signals about what is going on in the market, learn what you don’t yet know, build on what others are doing to enhance your own planning and strategies, and drive topics of interest to you within an end-to-end supply chain and logistics network.  Agenda topics are global, practical, focus on short and medium term, often look out of the box and concentrate on what industry can do now as well as what it would like to do.

Members benefit from thought-leadership, innovation and access to expertise across all aspects of freight logistics, participating in robust and open debate in a confidential environment.

F&L is independent and does not lobby; that leaves us free to focus on members’ agendas.  

What is unique about F&L?

Members see F&L as a tool for achieving competitive edge. All discussions – online and in-person – are held in confidence so that dialogue can be open and frank.  Questions are encouraged.  Members sit at the “same table” and all are welcome to contribute to and lead topics that they want to discuss.  

We talk about the whole, holistic, end-to-end supply chain.  F&L defines “sustainability” as profit, planet and people, looking at logistics and supply chain operations with a value focus.  

F&L is neutral, independent and not-for-profit.

How do members engage with F&L?

To participate, please tell us you are potentially interested.

Members participate in different ways; many contribute, others collaborate, many more listen and ask questions.   Your colleagues are always welcome with no extra costs.  

We are active 12 months of the year.  

  • Online meetings typically last no longer than 45 minutes and include plenty of Q&A
  • Conferences take place in May and November each year in locations all over the European continent
  • We take every opportunity to meet members at events and in their own countries
  • Project teams work in small groups to address specific company or industry issues year round
  • And we maintain strong relationships with experts, thought-leaders, regulators, global and European NGOs and others to bring you clarity on issues which are important and to open up new ideas for strategies you are thinking about

What does F&L talk about?

We discuss all matters relevant to freight logistics stakeholders in the end-to-end supply chain.  Shippers (manufactures) drive F&L because they drive international trade and the supply chain.

Dialogue, discussion and debate is always confidential.  This means discussions are open and interesting.  We are generally solutions-focused. 

This is a network of practitioners and leaders; people who make things happen.  While an element of blue sky thinking and post-2030 is included, discussions are practical and concrete.  Members, experts, thought-leaders and marketplace dynamic often prompt dialogue which is highly relevant and timely.  

Why is F&L amazing?

Senior business leaders across the supply chain use F&L as a safe place to discuss issues, challenges, ideas in confidence.  Everyone benefits, and all industry sectors / transport modes are welcome.  Approximately half of our member companies are brand owners and shippers. 

Participants enjoy the discussions and often find that they get back what they put in.  Historically we were focused on Europe as this is where many in the network are physically located, but discussions & participants are global.  We do still meet in person in Europe but those further afield can also participate online.  We tend to focus on constructive panel dialogue rather than keynotes.

F&L is independent, not-for-profit and focused on its members’ agendas.

Is your business big enough to tackle all of today’s supply chain & logistics issues alone?

How can I join?

F&L membership is corporate and costs 1,950 EUR per company per year.  We seek a diverse membership base to enable end-to-end supply chain and logistics discussion.  The fee does not change if you involve several people from your company or just yourself.  Topics are wide-ranging and cover many areas.

Individuals and experts may be invited to join meetings and events where topics require.

What's the cost in time / €?

Time commitment?  Business leaders are short of time, so F&L discussions are short and to-the-point.


  • Membership is €1,950 per year, per company.  We focus on keeping costs down and there is only one membership category because all members sit at the same table.   The members who get most from the network involve other members of their teams as this  increases benefit and brings best knowledge to the table in vast range of topics (the membership fee is the same regardless of whether one or 10 people in your company participate).
  • Member companies pay a fee of €400 pp to join an in-person event. Non-members pay €1,500 per person and must be invited.   

How does F&L work with other associations?

We are always happy to learn from each other and to bring the best of what is available to our network.

F&L focuses on its core strength, which is bringing a network of senior business leaders together to listen and talk across, up and down the end-to-end supply chain so that our network can improve their own results. 

Does F&L lobby? Do you share member discussions?

No, F&L does not lobby.

Any material gathered from discussions with experts and practitioners is available to members. As our focus is to be a neutral platform to enable your discussions, we do not share information outside the network, or names of organisations or individuals who participate.

Where is F&L registered & how is it funded?

F&L is an independent not-for-profit AISBL registered in Belgium.  Set up in 1994, the concept of a safe space for supply chain and logistics leaders endures.

Member companies pay one annual fee of €1,950 for unrestricted access to all online and in-person events. For in-person meetings we welcome sponsors. We do not receive any other funding and run a lean and hard-working organisation to keep costs down.

Competition & anti trust laws

Every jurisdiction throughout Europe provides for the fundamental right to assemble. Members and participants at F&L behave at all times in compliance with competition and anti-trust laws and this obligation is stated in Articles 6 and 9 of the F&L Articles of Association (English).

Questions are very welcome.  Please get in touch at any time.