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Digitalisation in SC and logistics

Collaborating on next steps in the journey

As the sector undergoes rapid transformation, we discuss opportunities and overcoming barriers.  Insight from experts and practitioners, access to collaboration and research – what’s next?  Creating value through using data for effective analytics is one current theme, and we are looking forward to future discussion on data sharing and not sharing – a clear guide to what you need to know.

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Previous discussions

7 Dec 2021

Drones & robots, forklifts & smart spanners.  How can technology bring step change to your logistics performance?   

17-19 Nov 2021

Data-driven decision making.  Shippers and frontrunners shared insight and best practice at F&L Geneva.  Please get in touch if you are interested in this topic.  

8 Sept 2021

Data-driven decision making.   Shipper-led confidential learning & insights into the analytics journey in the production supply chain & building internal expertise in data management.  Additional case study on best practice in the supply chain cockpit provided by Fraunhofer. 

23 June 2021

Technology providers tackle shipper challenges.   FourKites and SAP tackled illustrative shipper challenges to help us discuss visibility and proactive exception management / contingency planning, impact analysis and customer experience.

9 June 2021

Data-driven decision making.  Barry Callebaut shared insight on deploying the smart factory concept, the critical nature of change management, and explained that we should be realistic about what can/should,  cannot/should not be automated.  Presentation available to members.

10 May 2021

Data & analytics: creating value for your business.  Unilever, Volvo, Electrolux, Cargill, Barry Callebaut, DHL & Cranfield University share key themes and insight into their continuing journeys, this time with practical examples and transparency from other stakeholders.  This was a fast-paced session which aimed to help leaders shape their own journeys. 

F&L Napoli, Nov 2019

Synchromodality. Supply chain transparency benefits all stakeholders but what can we expect from different players in the entire process, today and tomorrow? Can we agree a future roadmap? Who needs to deliver what to whom to make this happen?

  • Agenda – interactive panel debate

F&L Hamburg, May 2019

  • Managing risk & building supply chain resilience
  • Building a digital business ecosystem and future supply chains
  • Roundtable strategic discussion on managing the next level of efficiency, demand management and making the leap to being flexible, agile and robust operations to cope with uncertainty