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Digitalisation in SC and logistics

Collaborating on next steps in the journey

As the sector undergoes rapid transformation, we discuss opportunities and overcoming barriers.  Insight from experts and practitioners, access to collaboration and research – what’s next?  

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Supply chain analytics

Date to be confirmed

We look at the potential of supply chain analytics and practical use cases with leaders, practitioners and Cranfield University.  This will be a series of discussions and we are currently talking with our network about leaders for sessions.  

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Dates for further discussions to be confirmed

  • Data – sharing and not sharing.  Clear guide to what you need to know.
  • Moving from trade-off management to orchestrating the contradictions.  It’s no longer about cost vs quality, or efficiency vs speed: we want cost, quality, efficiency, speed, standardisation AND customisation. How?

Previous discussions

F&L Napoli, Nov 2019

Synchromodality. Supply chain transparency benefits all stakeholders but what can we expect from different players in the entire process, today and tomorrow? Can we agree a future roadmap? Who needs to deliver what to whom to make this happen?

  • Agenda – interactive panel debate

F&L Hamburg, May 2019

  • Managing risk & building supply chain resilience
  • Building a digital business ecosystem and future supply chains
  • Roundtable strategic discussion on managing the next level of efficiency, demand management and making the leap to being flexible, agile and robust operations to cope with uncertainty