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The question is not IF, but HOW

Where do you fit in if (when) others turn the sector upside down?
F&L Online - 1 March 10:30 - 11:15 CET

The question is not IF change will happen, but HOW you can best prepare for the consequences

F&L online: Fri 1 March, 10:30 – 11:15 CET


Friday 1 March, 10:30 – 11:15 CET

Transformation and transition – Roman empire logistics 2,000 years ago bear an astonishing resemblance to current logistics operational models.  But today, the  mathematics & technology exists to tackle longstanding dinosaurs in our sector.

Danfoss VP Supply Chain Services & former J&J Centre of Excellence Lead in conversation with Professor Pierluigi Fasano.

The space economy.  Quantum computing & AI making possible the unthinkable when it comes to optimising and forecasting.  IoT and autonomous robots.  New expectations for B2B created by B2C.  In the emerging ecosystem-driven economy, success is based on value for every partner.  We need highly competitive ecosystems and when we build in smart technology and smart connected products, we respond to customer expectations and unlock value exponentially faster.  That’s a game-changer.  Digitalisation and supply chain excellence are no longer a choice: they are a must.

  • What steps are others taking to get there?
  • How can our processes optimise the interaction between technology and human skills?
  • Keep  to siloed structures?  Or partner with very different players to build integrated value networks?
  • Time to learn is greater than shelf life of technology & leaders move from know-it-all to learn-it-all
  • How to stay on top if you can’t see the competitor coming so fast?  How to compete with organisations coming from a totally different background and culture?  How to attract and retain young & other talents?

Sooner or later someone will do something exceptional. Where will you be positioned?


This critical topic will be continued on 17 April in-person (Italy) when F&L is hosted by H-FARM: an ecosystem created by Audi, Cisco & Intesa Sanpaolo to make an impact. 

Agenda & register.  We look at the future of operations, commerce & of the freight logistics sector itself (including input from the next generation of leaders).   This is for every supply chain and logistics role, and for every company (regardless of how advanced its digital transition).  All welcome.