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Application to Join F&L

    Please tick box - you understand the opportunities, terms and conditions of being an F&L member (described below)
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    Your contract with F&L
    1. The annual corporate membership fee of €1,950 is invoiced in December each year.  Members joining midway through a year pay pro-rata.  This fee has not increased since 2008 and F&L tries to avoid increases.  You are encouraged to involve your team members in F&L as this increases the benefit and you do not pay more.  
    2. In-person meetings are heavily subsidised by sponsors and F&L.  Members pay €400 pp  to help cover costs of catering, venues and so on.  Non-members pay more.  F&L is non-profit and any surplus funds are used to subsidise future conferences / organise events and visits for members.
    3. You must give minimum 3 months’ notice to resign as a member – 30 September is the latest date by which you may resign for the following year which begins 1 January.
    4. Logistics service provider and other companies not classified as “shippers” must be bring at least one shipper into membership within the first 12 months to ensure the focus of the F&L community remains broad.
    5. You should abide by the Articles of Association as they currently stand with particular reference to articles 6 and 8 – see F&L Articles of Association – English

    To ensure effective end-to-end logistics & supply chain discussions we maintain a mix and balance of members.  Not all applications can therefore be accepted although we do our best for you.

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