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Practical and concrete solutions

F&L Innovation Forum takes inspiration from innovation to generate practical and concrete solutions to critical freight and logistics challenges.

Experts, leading practitioners, innovators and startups are leading discussion on key issues, looking across the supply chain and including raw materials, manufacturers, sustainability leaders, transport partners and customers.  Discussions are confidential to those participating and aim to tackle core hard-hitting questions.

Consider your own strategy in line with what you hear from others.   We define sustainability as profit-people-planet.  If we are alone, we cannot generate economies of scale but together we can create momentum.  

How can we reduce carbon in transport?  (2 of 4)  

26 Jan 2021

Smart Planning & Smart Operations

13:00 – 14:00 CET 

Challenging questions and discussion with audience input.  Practical solutions to bring you results in the short term, with a focus on short term profitability and service benefits from reduced carbon emissions.  Topics include smart operations, less air, multimodal, bundling, loading and routing. Impact on emissions can be 20%.

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Logistics - people first, cargo second?  (1 of 3)  

23 Feb 2021

Teams & leadership: setting the scene for transforming the supply chain

10:30 – 11:15 CET 

Challenging questions and discussion with audience.  Insight from panelists on topics including talent acquisition, “working agile”, leadership competencies, staff engagement/training/retention, compliance, translating strategy into HR objectives, innovation, key questions.  The audience will be invited to select key issues for follow-up discussion 2 March.  

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How can we reduce carbon in transport?  (1 of 4)  

16 Dec 2020

The baseline – measurement, calculation and allocation of CO₂ in freight logistics, benchmarking & energy efficient behaviours

11:00 – 11:45, plus 45 mins for Q&A

Slides and powerpoints in members’ area

Challenging questions are planned, including: can innovative solutions for CO2 reduction be reflected in our existing CO2 frameworks?  How detailed and specific should insight in our CO2 footprints be, to work on stepwise improvements?  Are we likely to end up with a single CO₂ accounting standard we should follow, or multiple options?  What tools / principles should a shipper aim to use to get set up for understanding, measuring & communicating CO₂?  Can progress be incremental or does it have to be a “big bang” solution?  What CO₂ statistic will get my executive Board’s attention? How do I find & measure that statistic?

“We can’t succeed alone, so we need to co-operate with others while focusing on what we’re good at”

“Open innovation is key to business success, value and longevity”

“We know that incremental improvements are not enough while ‘digitalisation’ connects everything – also at the business level”