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F&L Innovation Forum

Taking inspiration from innovation to generate practical and concrete solutions to critical logistics challenges
Decarbonising freight & logistics


Decarbonising freight & logistics: a series of short discussions with experts, practitioners, knowledge partners, start-ups and scale-ups – what are others doing, and where are the innovations?

  • 16 Dec 2020: Measurement & allocation CO₂, benchmarking & energy efficient behaviours
  • 23 Jan 2021: Smart planning & smart operations
  • 23 Feb 2021 (11:30 – 12:30 CET): Fleet, energy saving, pollution reduction, alternative fuel, aerodynamics, carbon capture, LNG, electric & hydrogen
  • 23 Mar 2021: Concrete action summary from all discussions
  • April – Dec 2021: Discussions on decarbonisation in shipping / ports / terminals / hydrogen and much more
Logistics scale-ups and start-ups

Ongoing discussion

Frequent short sessions with LogTech pitches:  new ways of looking at our business which can open new opportunities.   This is an opportunity to exchange and be inspired!

Building forward better

Ongoing discussion

Building forward better – 2020 was a pivotal year for the global business community requiring co-operation in areas normally subject to fierce competition.  Today there is wide recognition of the need to cut carbon emissions to a small fraction of their current level and businesses are discovering this can be done in commercially beneficial ways.  Reports, webinars and more from industry experts & leading practitioners.