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Logistics: people first, cargo second? 2020 has changed how we operate; what does that mean for your team, and what factors influence their ability to deliver “top tier” results as logistics and supply chain transformation projects gather momentum? How we can make our businesses and the entire logistics sector more ‘sustainable’ for the future – not just in terms of the environment, but our value-add proposition for stakeholders?

Lifting the fog: global ocean container rates & outlook 2021

Ongoing discussion

Lifting the fog: global ocean container rates & outlook 2021.  Independent expert-led discussion providing insight on current procurement challenges. What is the immediate future and outlook for 2021? Is this the ‘new normal’?  Questions from leading thinkers, and a chance to ask your own questions.

  • Hapag-Lloyd Center for Shipping and Global Logistics
  • TIM Consult
  • Stora Enso
  • Commentary from practitioners 
Trade barriers

Ongoing discussion

Leading within the new realities – trade barriers create a range of issues.  Most recent discussion – Brexit: practical and holistic discussions to provide expert advice, thoughts, and actions which should be on all supply chain leaders’ agendas.

Trade finance

Ongoing discussion

Financiers and practitioners look at current changes and provide updates, insight & business reactions.  Q&A is welcomed and always confidential.

Digitalisation is transforming how we work in logistics & the supply chain

Ongoing discussion

Digitalisation means that logistics and the supply chain is not as linear as before.  The lines are blurring and organisations are thinking about how they add value and work effectively within a multitude of different networks.  Stakeholders across industry are co-operating and co-creating for mutual benefit, sharing learning about what works, what doesn’t work and collaborating on the next stage of the journey in a range of initiatives: