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F&L Spotlight

Regular Q&A, insight and confidential exchange with experts & practitioners
Skills & leadership

Ongoing discussion

Industry experts & leaders provide confidential insight and answer questions

Leadership  What does change mean for your team, and what factors influence their ability to deliver “top tier” results? How we can make our businesses more ‘sustainable’ for all of our stakeholders including our teams?

Finance - what does SC / logistics need to know?

Ongoing discussion

Financiers and practitioners look at current changes and provide updates, insight & business reactions.  Q&A is welcomed and always confidential.

Digitalisation is transforming how we work in logistics & the supply chain

Ongoing discussion

Organisations are thinking about how they add value and work effectively within different ecosystems.  What questions are you trying to answer and does your team have the necessary skills to manage the info sourcing and flow?  


Ongoing discussion

Regulation is changing.  What is happening and how do you & others view the impact?