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F&L business leaders' event, Rotterdam & Hague, 25 April 2023
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Visits 26 Apr
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Why attend?

F&L welcomed a multi-stakeholder community of international business leaders to the Hague on Tues 25 April 2023.  Leadership teams drove discussions throughout the day on risk, sector structural change, where our businesses fit in & the value they create against the backdrop of economic & environmental uncertainty.

Mon 24 April, networking dinner 19:30 
Key day: Tues 25 April 2023, round-table workshops & networking 
Wed 25 Apr, morning only, choice of visits for those still in Netherlands

F&L discussions are practical and always in confidence. This was an in-person meeting. We do not record, and press/media are not permitted. F&L is independent, and the benefit for participants of discussions at F&L is built around the network present.

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Senior business leaders expanded their knowledge and supported each other and themselves with today’s challenges.  There is urgency.  The colour doesn’t matter if you are left behind. 

Tue, 25 April

Risk & reward in the freight logistics sector

Turbulent times: the business case & controllable risks, hedging and mitigating against risks we can’t control, and seizing opportunities to create sustained competitive advantage for our businesses

  • Seizing the opportunity – unpredictability of logistics costs inputs, World Energy Council
  • Risks: understanding, cover, mitigation and/or creating competitive advantage?  Cargill, Dow, European Parliament, CVA, Marsh, Prow Capital
  • Breakouts
    • Risk cover & mitigation, P&G, ABInBev, Erasmus commodity trade centre, World Energy Council, Marsh, CVA
    • Risk opportunity, Billiet, Cargill, Prow Capital

Managing the unexpected

  • Interview with Prof Yossi Sheffi, MIT, & response, Philips

Adapting to optimise our models

Complex, global, high specification supply chains – what can different sectors learn from each other?  Criteria, tools & people to drive change

  • Change, what change?  Can we see structural developments and why?  Henkel, Scania, Vinturas, Unloc, Delft University Technology & Seerefine
  • Imperatives for change, including: 
    • Visibility, Vinturas, DiManEx,  Shipsta, Julius & Clark, Verizon
    • People: LyondellBasell & Seerefine 

Ecosystems of the future

… because the colour doesn’t matter if you’re left behind.  Reflecting on value positioning for our businesses as a multi-stakeholder community.  Who/what are the change-makers?

  • Who is challenging the status quo and why?  Danone, Ride Cake & DiManEx

Private museum visit & networking dinner 


Visits 09:00 – 12:00 Wed 26 April 

Adding value to local organisations and to those with a open mind who are interested in learning and understanding the detail behind headlines, small groups investigated:


09:00 – 11:00, there are 8 hyperloop centres across the world which are located in USA, Canada, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, India and, of course, Hardt Hyperloop in the Netherlands who won Elon Musk’s SpaceX competition in 2017.   Now building an open test track in the Netherlands and viewed as the main player in Europe, we go behind the scenes to undertstand how hyperloop could contribute to a sustainable future of transport for passengers & logistics.  First pilots are already coming.  We discuss the 12 current transportation challenges that hyperloop could address, when and if we can expand the vision we have for our own companies.  


09:00 – 12:00, RDM  innovation dock in the M4H makers’ district hosts >60  innovative companies who work together and share knowledge, because none of us can innovate alone.  F&L took a special tour to find out what’s happening.

F&L is independent, not-for-profit and international.  We engage business leaders and decision-makers in global manufacturing, logistics (road, rail, sea, waterways, air), academia, policymakers and science.  All discussions are focused around freight logistics.  

Participants included:

4FOLD containers
A2B Online Container
Arcese Trasporti
BICEPS Network
Billiet & Co
BLS Bulk
Blume Global
CFL Multimodal
Codognotto Italia
Combined Cargo Terminals
Corporate Ventures Advisory
DP World
Erasmus Commodity & Trade Centre
European Parliament
Forwarding Advisory EU
Freight Leaders’ Council Italy
Graphene Partners
Herchenbach Industrial Buildings
Innovation Gateway
IRU International Road Union
Julius & Clark
Klaipeda Free Economic Zone
Kuehne + Nagel
LKW Walter
Marsh Insurance & Risk
Move Intermodal
O-I Europe
Offshore Wind Growth Partnership
Port of Amsterdam
Port of Antwerp-Bruges
Port of Calais
Port of Rotterdam
Port Oostende
Prow Capital
Quehenberger Logistics
Royal Wagenborg
Russell Group
Samskip Multimodal
SBB Cargo International
Scottish Government
Shell International
Smart Freight Centre
Smart Join Logistic
Stora Enso
Technical University of Delft
Thomas Miller
Trans EU
Transfesa Logistics
Unit 45
Vos Bulk Logistics
VOS Logistics
World Energy Council

Participation list Nov 2022 London

Participation list May 2022 Luxembourg

Participation list November 2021 Geneva

Who was the meeting for?  This event was for business leaders and decision-makers in manufacturing, retail, supply, all modes of logistics, ports, technology companies including startups, insurance, finance, academics, NGOs, policymakers, politicians and experts – all those who are actively working in, or with, the international supply chain and logistics.

Because F&L is a community which helps business leaders move their own strategies forward through collaborative  discussion with practitioners, sector experts and industry leaders across the supply chain.

Why should I have attended?  Discussing trade and supply chain strategy in an open, professional and social atmosphere so that we can listen and learn from each other is a strong fundament for further growth.  

Your input is encouraged.  Speakers, dialogue, debate and a chance to engage with peers and experts on topics which are helpful to “building your better 2023-25” as well as opportunity to talk to innovators and disruptors.  Together we can progress faster than we can alone and you will meet each other as well as many from the F&L network which represents significant players across Europe.  

  • Supply chain and logistics is in the DNA of the Dutch.
  • To share ideas and possible solutions to today’s challenges in an open and confidential environment, learning from current best practice, sector experts and industry leaders across the Netherlands & Europe.
  • To discuss structural shifts in the freight logistics marketplace, some driven by policy changes & others by innovation and technical progress.
  • Members of the F&L network continuously develop their networks and thinking, and physical meetings are an important element of new collaborations with the UK and with each other.
  • Innovation never comes from one mind; it is a process.

What is F&L?  F&L is an active international non-profit Forum.  We do not lobby as that would imply there was one right answer, and we welcome leaders who are active in the sector across Council of Europe 47 countries and the globe.

What could I expect?  We do not hear speakers trying to sell, or sharing long complex plans for their company’s development.  You:

  • Listened to open discussions throughout the meeting (companies & individuals cannot  be quoted)
  • Contributed your ideas and questions throughout – this was a meeting where the audience contributed as much as the speakers
  • Informal networking with senior business leaders and practitioners.

Is there anyone who may not attend?  Journalists and press are not permitted because discussions were open throughout the meeting.