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Resilience: multimodal & other collaborative tools

11-12 June 2024, in-person
Why attend?

F&L welcomed its multi-stakeholder community of international supply chain & logistics leaders to Duisburg, Germany.  Geopolitical impacts, energy transition, infrastructure and capacity, changing consumer expectations impacting customers / suppliers / ecosystems around us & an uncertain regulatory environment is making life challenging for supply chain and logistics practitioners.  Why now?  To tackle improving our multimodal  performance today & to enable you to consider your business continuity & long term value propositions for tomorrow.  

  • A collaborative discussion welcoming audience input & led by industry supply chain & logistics practitioners representing major brands
  • Dates:
    • 11 June, visits 15:30 & networking dinner (brewery)
    • Key day 12 June – full day, visit included to new Gateway Terminal & networking dinner
  • Location & costs: Duisburg, Germany
  • Information you can trust.  F&L enables senior peer discussion in a community of suppliers, customers and competitors in a unique format.  

This was an in-person meeting.  We do not record, and press/media are not permitted.  Please remember that F&L is independent, neutral and is not seeking commercial gain.  

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Resilience: multimodal & other collaborative tools

Wednesday, 12 June 2024
08:30 – 18:30


  • Change of F&L President: Stora Enso handover to Cargill
  • Key points from recent F&L discussions & welcome to Duisburg

Market performance – status & current issues

  • Practitioner comment on the state of the freight logistics market, how different modes and multimodal are faring
    • Data by mode, multimodal performance & expectations land, sea & air Freightos, Transporeon, UIRR, LKW Walter, SBB Cargo, North Sea Port with audience Q&A 
  • What does this mean for global supply chains?
    • Volatility continues: international trade & a global view, Gavin Roser in conversation with Cosco, Stora Enso & audience

Resilience – are we making the most of multimodal tools?  

A collaborative approach to increasing our resilience whilst enhancing our ability to take advantage of opportunities

  • A multimodal strategy for resilience, all modes: engineering win-win even in volatile times
    • Perception, root causes, assets, innovation & more, Henkel, PSA, Rail Cargo & others moderated by Cargill & duisport
  • CEOs examine if/how collaboration can aid strategic change
    • Me or Us Together?  Is biggest still King?  North Sea Port, PSA moderated by Antti Vehviläinen

Practitioner priorities 

  • Poll results: your priorities – a unique map from today’s global supply chain (link)
  • Table discussions consider what illustrative actions can be jointly taken, focusing specifically on issues and actions that can be influenced by practitioners
  • F&L focus for the future, Board & Executive Team 

Visit: new Duisburg Gateway Terminal (16:30 – 18:30)

  • In a fascinating example of energy transition bringing change in infrastructure, F&L is among the first to see behind the scenes at Duisburg’s brand new DGT, Europe’s first CO2-neutral  terminal – a collaborative project with shareholders duisport, Hupac, HTS & PSA.

19:30 Networking dinner 

In Nov 2023, F&L discussed how global trade flows were changing through necessity and opportunity highlighting the importance of the Northern Adriatic and multimodal strategies.  In April 2024, we understood with P&G, Unilever, Electrolux, Barry Callebaut & others that rapid structural change is  coming leveraged by technological developments. We now bring discussion to the heart of Europe to focus on how change is driving the need for supply chain & logistics leaders to plan and prepare in order to exploit opportunity, build resilience and develop economically & environmentally sustainable strategies.

F&L members are able to see how major players across different industry sectors are evolving their businesses and are encouraged to talk to them.  Avoid reinventing the wheel & make sure you’re part of any new collaborations taking shape.  

F&L is independent, not-for-profit and international. We engage business leaders and decision-makers in global manufacturing, logistics (road, rail, sea, waterways, air), academia, policymakers and science.

Participants for Germany are below.  As always, you can expect multi-stakeholder  senior business leaders across different industry sectors and transport modes at F&L.  Make sure you are amongst them!

A2B Online Container
Ambrogio Intermodal
ARKAS Logistics
Bertschi Group
Billiet & Co
BLS Bulk
BLS Cargo
CFL Multimodal
Corporate Ventures Advisory
Cosco Shipping (Europe)
DCSA (Digital Container Shipping Association)
Dortmunder Eisenbahn
Federicia Shipping
Greenlog Intermodal Logistics
Henkel Global Supply Chain
Hupac Intermodal
IBS (International Rail Freight Business Association)
Ineos Styrolution Europe
Julius & Clark
LKW Walter
Lugo Terminal
Meriaura Group
Move Intermodal
North Sea Port
ÖBB Rail Cargo Group
Port of Antwerp-Bruges
Port Oostende
PSA International
Russell Group
Samskip Multimodal
SBB Cargo International
Scottish Government
Smart Join Logistic
Stora Enso
Tim Intralog
Trans EU
Transporeon / Trimble
Unit 45
Vega International
Volvo Trucks
VTG Rail Europe
Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC) / MIT Global Scale Network

Participant list for Italy (Apr 2024)

Participant list for Trieste (Nov 2023)

Participation list Den Hague (Apr 2023)

Participation list London (Nov 2022)

Participation list Luxembourg (May 2022)

Participation list Geneva (Nov 2021)

Previous meetings…..

Life is not becoming simpler for supply chain and logistics practitioners.  We need a trusted window into others’ businesses and we need the help of our customers, suppliers, partners and our competitors to overcome some of today’s challenges.

F&L is an independent members’ forum with a large supportive community currently responsible for leading supply chains and logistics for recognised brand names and based around the globe.  Dialogue is in confidence with no recording, press or media.  The June agenda was as up-to-date and as relevant as we could possibly make it with changes taking place until the last moment.  Participation is always strong at F&L.

In 2023/24, the F&L network has been discussing key issues critical to the freight logistics sector including geopolitics, sustainability, technology driving change and the shifting regulatory environment. On top of these multiplying priorities we need to understand how business continuity and sustainability in all its forms requires planning and collaboration. Collaborating on our risk maps – multimodal strategies, cyber security, value frameworks, global flexibility & innovation exploitation – prepare, or face the consequences.  

With geopolitical impacts, energy transition, infrastructure and capacity, changing consumer expectations impacting customers, suppliers and ecosystems around us and an uncertain regulatory environment is making life challenging for supply chain and logistics practitioners.  We met to tackle improving our intermodal performance today, and our business continuity & long term value propositions for tomorrow.  

Structural shift.  Peer discussion.  Agenda focused on where you can make a difference, now. 

  • Who was this meeting for? A broad network of senior management responsible for supply chain and logistics for shippers and brand owners, retail, supply, LPSs (all modes), ports, technology companies – all those who are actively working in, or with, the international supply chain and logistics. Those who want to move their own strategies forward through collaborative discussion with practitioners, sector experts and industry leaders across the supply chain.
  • Why should I have attended?  Innovation never comes from one mind; it is a process. Discussing strategy in an open, professional and social atmosphere so that we can listen and learn from each other is a strong fundament for further growth. Speakers, dialogue, debate and a chance to engage with peers and experts on topics which are helpful to “building your better 2024-25”. Together we can progress faster than we can alone and the F&L network represents significant players across Europe.
  • What can I expect at an F&L meeting? Industry practitioners and experts sharing meaningful examples and the earning from their own journeys, peers and experts asking (and answering) questions.  You will leave knowing more than when you arrived, and with new peer contacts who may be helpful in your own strategies.
  • Is there anyone who may not attend? Journalists and press are not permitted because discussions are open throughout the meeting. F&L is a welcoming community, interested in enabling senior management and their teams to improve their understanding of what others in the market are doing and collaboration opportunities. All discussions are confidential and follow the Chatham House Rule which means that companies and individuals cannot be quoted.