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Black swan events: is it possible to bullet-proof our supply chains?

A black swan is an “unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially severe consequences”.  The recent coronavirus issue continues to see shock reverberating through global supply chains, and climate change has created similar disruption in the last twelve months. Black swan events, while rare, often severe, sometimes obvious in hindsight, can bring down the best and most robust supply chain.  Is there anything we can do to bullet-proof our supply chains from these events? 

Business as usual for the supply chain after Covid-19?

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  • Will supply chains shrink, making near-sourcing an option and bringing manufacturing closer to customers?
  • How can we guarantee quality, price and availability?
  • Can 3D printing help us keep control and better manage black swans?
  • How does industry 4.0 fit in?  Artificial intelligence?  Blockchain?  Increased automation?
  • Do manufacturers expect ‘vanilla products’ to become a bigger focus?
  • How will agile supply chains of the future look?
  • What are the right costs and investments to prepare?

On a geopolitical and country level, politics and regulation affect how industry and business can operate.  Will countries work together on issues like global climate change, the way they have on coronavirus?  How can every part of our society be included?  Because leaving sections behind has a strong impact on whether progress for all can be made.  

  • What can business leaders learn about trust, information, working together for common good?
  • How do you encourage all stakeholders of an organsation to move in the same direction?
  • How can business leaders, policymakers and governments come together with the international leadership that we need for all sectors of industry and society to move forward?