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A changing landscape: are we going in the same direction?

Industry has prospered but the start of the new decade brings a new period with plenty of challenges including the pandemic, political uncertainty, impending climate change, ‘black swan’ events and steady population growth.  Companies are moving away from shareholder dominance to a model which focuses on ‘sustainable value’ for all stakeholders and looking at accelerated digitalisation.  What does it mean for us, together as an industry and separately in our businesses?

  • We must deal with daily disruption, but how can we ensure the longevity and profitability (“sustainability”) of our business into the future?  
  • How do we define success, and does this need to change?
  • Is it a bigger risk if we don’t push the ‘stakeholder’ agenda forward?  What is involved in de-risking?
  • How are other industries and markets changing?  What’s the short and mid term economic and financial outlook?
  • Can new technology help to re-think business value propositions as well as improve our processes?  What’s the right technology?  How will accelerated digitalisation impact the industry and my own business?  

Change is hard.  Join us at the table for confidential dialogue.  Friday Focus and F&L Geneva.