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A changing landscape: are we going in the same direction?

Industry has prospered but the start of the new decade brings a new period with challenges including climate change, ‘black swan’ events and population growth.  We are under increasing pressure to become carbon neutral, and fast.  How do we fund that, who should be involved, and what are the difficult choices ahead to ensure we can flourish?  

We are in an era where companies and organisations are moving away from shareholder dominance into a model which focuses on delivering value to all stakeholders.  This means more work for industry leaders – but we will achieve a healthier planet, happier employees and greater trust in corporations.  But how do we define success?  ESG – economic, social and governance – measures are changing decision-making.  

  • Is it a bigger risk if we don’t push the ‘stakeholder’ agenda forward?
  • Can we add value to shareholders long term by taking account of other stakeholder needs, perhaps more than we have done in the past?
  • How do we measure ourselves and each other on creating stakeholder value?
  • What are we doing differently now to deliver value to each of our stakeholders, including the environment?

“At a very basic level, the competitiveness of a company and the health of the communities around it are closely intertwined. A business needs a successful community, not only to create demand for its products but also to provide critical public assets and a supportive environment. A community needs successful businesses to provide jobs and wealth creation opportunities for its citizens”   

Mark Kramer, Harvard University, and Michael Porter