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Sustainable logistics: bright future ahead

Transformation is happening at every level to reduce emissions and find better methods to meet the consumption needs of a growing population whilst having a minimal impact on the environment.  Businesses and industries leading the way are benefitting.  Congestion and pollution may become things of the past, but we need concrete implementation plans and some confidence of the right way forward.  How can we tackle the journey together?

Moving towards a more profitable, efficient and sustainable logistics sector

June – Dec 2020: There are no simple answers, but the network is discussing several themes with a pragmatic ”how do we solve the problem’ focus.  We are collaborating with  business leaders and their organisations across different industry sectors as well as with the Kuehne Logistics University, World Economic Forum, Cranfield University and others.

While sustainable logistics was already a discussion in the early 2000s, this work changes the dialogue to add something new to industry.   The aim is to collaborate with others who are doing excellent research and to understand best practice and strategic approaches.  As one size does not fit all, we will not emerge from discussion with specific solutions – but our business leaders will have new perspectives of others, more knowledge and strategic ideas about where to go next in their own businesses with their own teams.  Many will also choose to work together because in this way we can leap forward.

Legislative harmonisation

April – Sept 2020: Supply chain leaders working on creating change in industry

  • What can leaders in industry do now, today, at low or or zero cost and with a minimal time investment?  
  • Will the regulatory environment encourage all stakeholders to move in the right direction, or will national priorities and consumer behaviour tie our hands?  
  • What is the impact of the EU Green Deal?  Are the aspirations of the Green Deal encouraging the right behaviours?  

Ongoing dialogue with regulators and policymakers to build understanding from all perspectives.

Sector and industry perspectives

May 2020: Working with European and global institutions to facilitate the logistics stakeholder debate so that our network can pass on the views of practitioners, their concerns and perceived opportunities, before structures and legislation is finalised, members debated industry feedback on 14 May 2020.  If you don’t influence the debate then you must simply accept the rules and costs that you are given!  

Results available on request.

“Sustainability: the long view”

F&L Napoli, Nov 2019: Future Fuels – what, when, and how much can energy transition, truck manufacturing, big data and relevant legislation contribute to improved sustainable mobility?

  • There is a plethora of options for future fuels, but which one(s) should we invest in?
  • Agenda Napoli 2019

“Managing uncertainty in the global supply chain”

F&L Hamburg, May 2019: Developing the ability to measure and drive sustainable mobility investments by addressing end-to-end inefficiencies across the supply chain to improve asset utilisation, we looked at:

  • What are the barriers to sustainable mobility and can we work together to make change happen today?
  • Key performance indicators: how do/should they align?
  • How can we go beyond optimising our own network and changing our mind-set?
  • Asset utilisation
  • Agenda Hamburg 2019