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Topical webinar on anti-competitive behaviour in the corona context – Konstantinos Adamantopoulos

Topical webinar on Anti-competitive behaviour in the corona context, reflections on how competition authorities may react

Monday 27 April, 16:00 – 18:00 CET

The European Commission and the national competition authorities in all EU Member States have signaled an approach of flexibility towards ensuring supply chains and distribution while maintaining strict scrutiny on anti-competitive behaviour.  As ever, the Commission has tried to balance the protection of fair competition and the free movement of goods.

But what has changed for supply chain leaders? How much space does this flexibility leave for cooperation between companies and other necessary temporary measures put in place to avoid shortage of supply? What are the possibilities and pitfalls for operators supplying and distributing goods in the EU today?

In this webinar you will get the opportunity to ask the questions relevant for your specific needs to highly specialized experts in the field of competition and distribution law.

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