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Christoph Matulla leads discussion on how to deal with future climate conditions in Vienna


Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future, but science offers us a chance to peek into the crystal ball with some likelihood that what we can see if real.  Professor Christoph Matulla (third from right) was invited to give a keynote in Vienna this week and enjoyed leading discussion with citizens and politicians on how to deal with future climate conditions in the area.  His theory and procedure which has been successfully applied to Austria’s most extensive and expensive project in public protection since WWII have enjoyed some scientific success and he is actively engaged in F&L’s network to help members make better investment decisions about the infrastructure and transport assets they depend upon.

The scope of progress depends directly on the quality of data received, however we expect to focus on:

1. Investments featuring long-term payback: improved performance through accounting for future hazard- development-corridors in decision-making.
2. Short-term safety: higher levels by early recognizing impending damages and losses.

Professor Matulla is leading collaboration with the World Meteorological Organisation on behalf of F&L so that the WMO can better understand the tools which would be useful for the transport and logistics sector.

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