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Climate is a decisive factor in economic decision-making that cannot be ignored- Christoph Matulla

Christoph Matulla, Head of the Climate Impact Team ZAMG

Risk landscapes are shifting under accelerating climate change.  Regardless of whether you decide to adjust – or continue unaltered – it is critical that you understand the new challenges ahead and are aware of how things will change. 

If science and industry collaborate, we can reach far beyond what is presently possible and set new standards in protecting businesses against climate-triggered loss and damages.  That is why F&L and CIT are about to launch a survey:  by joining knowledge and blending your company’s characteristics with the current features of climate threats (which vary distinctively between regions and seasons) you will be clearly see where and when your company is vulnerable to climate change.  No fees are charged for F&L member companies.

Click here to participate.  You can understand more about the climate issue on our climate page.