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Translating diversity strategies into more resilient organisations

Diversity in senior management and leadership levels – in nationality, gender, ability, ideology and more – enables organisations to be more innovative, more able to tackle the global challenges we face, more resilient to economic shocks and better places to work, according to numerous studies over the last decade.  Collaborating with diverse teams in other organisations further spurs change and growth.  So why is diverse leadership so difficult to achieve?

Leadership diversity translates into resilient organisations

Webinar TBC

  • Facts and figures: corporate issues
    • What strategies can we use to improve diversity in leadership as well as across all levels of our organisation?
    • What’s the role of blindspots, unconscious bias, perceptions, and confirmation bias?
    • How does this link to recruiting and retaining talent?
  • Geopolitical framework for businesses
    • 25 years after the UN World Conference for Women concluded that the fate of a nation is tied to the status of its female citizens, and 20 years after the UN Security Council asserted that peace is inextricably linked with gender equality, is progress being made?